Friday, September 2, 2011

Wife Rule #55 Revisit

Even if your wife does not like public displays of affection, sometimes a little PDA can go the long way.

My wife does not like PDA. She does not like it when she experiences it and she does not like it when she observes it.

Frequently when I have tried to express my affection for her in a public place I have gotten shot down.

But occasionally, I have hit the PDA jackpot. For whatever reason: the position of the moon, the proper alignment of the stars, a brief prayer that got answered, I have gotten acceptable PDA in.

If you stick the landing on PDA in a classy way sometimes it will evolve in the, "hey we should go home" look.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wife Rule #130 - The Alvin Rule

Generally, I would discourage calling your significant other a shrew, particularly if she has asked you not to.

My friend Alvin and I went with our significant others to go see a local production of Taming of the Shrew. I made several jokes about my wife being akin to the titular character, which Alvin found amusing. In fairness my wife took my gentle prodding with good grace and gave as good as she got during the conversation.

Later, my wife got annoyed by the comparison and so I had to change course in order maintain the pleasantness of the evening.

So be care with this term. It is never flattering and if it is not done in the right context and with restraint it can lead to harm even if was not intentional.

Wife Rule #54 Revisit

It is the little things, like making the bed just how she likes it, that make a long term positive impact on your marriage

My wife is very particular about her covers. She just does not sleep well unless they are perfect. Most of the time, she will just deal with her covered being less than ideal when we are at home, but she is never truly happy with the covers situation unless we are traveling.

The reason being that she loves the tightly tucked in covers at hotels.

So one night I was making the bed and I decided to tuck the covers in and surprise her.

She was happy and so I was happy.

It is these little things make help make a marriage last.
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