Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wife Rule #76

She did not marry you for your ability to quote movies and TV shows.

I am a quoter. I love quoting my favorite lines from movies and TV shows. I also enjoy enjoy doing really bad impressions. But my wife does not normally find these quotes as funny as I do. In fact she often becomes annoyed by my quoting. However, worse that just quoting is when I say something without citing where it is from. If she thinks that something I frequently say is my original quote and the she finds out that it is not she is not only disappointed by my lack of originality but she is also disappointed by my lack of wit.

A great example of this was a quote I frequently say about Yertle the Turtle. I call it, "possibly the best book ever written on the subject of turtle stacking." Then when we were watching the Simpsons and Lisa said a similar thing, I was busted and fessed up to taking that quote from both the Simpsons and Full House(which has another similar quote on the same subject.)

The solution may be to start small and try to go a whole weekend without quoting anything. We did this one weekend when we were still dating and she was so impressed with my natural humor that it actually took a long time for me to start quoting things again.

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