Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wife Rule #85

Don't leave important things in your wife's car.

I am an aspiring writer. I have been working on a fantasy book series since my freshman year of high school. Originally I used the writing to help me deal with teen angst, but over time it evolved into a story. I have been slowly adding to the story and developing the characters for almost ten years now and it was all hand written and kept in an old beat up notebook.

I have been slowly typing my notes for months and I had kept my notebook in my backpack while I was going to school so I could type them up in between classes. When I finished school I cleaned out m backpack and left my notes in my car. Then we had to bring my car into the shop (see Wife Rule #8) I had to quickly transfer everything in my car into my wife's car. Then we got busy and I forgot that my notes were in still in her car.

Two days before we left to go to Chicago we cleaned out the cars. I cleaned out my car and my wife cleaned out her car and, you guessed it, my notes wound up in the garbage. I was mad, my wife was mortified, but the damage was done and there was no getting the notes back. So there were too lessons to be learned, keep inportant things in well maintained storage spaces and don't leave important things in your wife's car.

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