Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wife Rule #86

If it is raining it is not your wife's job to take the dog out.

In the mornings our dog will do number one and number two before we go to work so normally my wife will take her out to do number one because it only takes the dog a second to finish her business. When it comes to number two our dog likes to circle and sniff for several minutes.

This morning when my wife and I got up it was raining. We both had to work so the dog would be locked up all day so she needed to go out. I needed to get to work first so I decided to take the dog out and let her go number one and then I asked my wife to take her out again to do number two.

When I took the dog out it was sprinkling rain and I thought that it would rain harder later but I thought we could both make it to work before the rain really started. Well as I was driving to work, it started pouring and I immediately felt guilty about setting my wife up for a thorough soaking right before work.

I should have been the one to take that hit, but I selfishly did not. It could have been bad, but fortunately my wife made it out with the dog just before the rain started so I was off the hook

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