Monday, July 27, 2009

Wife Rule #87

When you wife asks, "what is wrong with me today" during a bad day, she (probably) is not looking for an answer.

Yes I should have known better, but sometimes it is hard to tell when she wants an answer and when she is just expressing frustration.

There are times that your wife will actually want your opinion, but most of the time she is just frustrated and venturing an opinion will actually make things worse. A good rule of thumb? If she asks what do you think is going on then answer but be sensitive and constructive.


  1. I think I'm the only one that comments on these things... but I'm embarrassed for you. You never answer ANY question that could m ean your wife is a) wrong about something, b) bad at something, or c) lacking in something. Never. Just not ever. SO the only appropriate resposne in tehse situations is "Nothing, beautiful. You're more perfect today then the day I met you!" Or something equally as vomit-provoking... or you just smile and keep your mouth shut. ;-)

  2. While I normally agree with you, my wife HATES the vomit-provoking answer. And I have gotten in bigger trouble for not responding. It is rare when I get in trouble for giving her my honest opinion, generally it happens only when she is blowing off steam


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