Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wife Rule #83

Don't throw away your wife's leftovers.

My wife and I argue about one thing more than anything else. Is it finances? No. Whether or not we want kids? No. Where we will live after we finish our Masters degrees? Nope. We argue about food. I have food allergies and and a sensitive stomach. She does not eat red meat and likes to adventure eat. I don't mind eating my favorites over and over, she wants variety. I will throw together whatever we have in the house, she wants planned meals. I think you get the picture.

The one thing we agree on (at least when it comes to food) is Olive Garden. We both enjoy Olive Garden and the other night we went out for dinner at Olive Garden and after a delightful meal my wife brought home her leftovers with the plan of having them for lunch the next day.

Well we were going to be leaving for the ALA conference so we hadn't gone shopping in a while, and right before lunch I decided to clean out the fridge so that all of the old food would not sit and stink while we were gone. Well in the midst of my fridge cleaning fervor I accidentally threw away her leftovers with everything else. A huge fight ensued and I still hear about it almost 3 weeks later.

So please listen to me, don't throw out your wife's leftovers.

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  1. *GASP!! I canNOT believe you threw away her Olive Garden leftovers. That's just... that's a HORRIBLE thing to do!

    I'm with her on this one, for sure!


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