Monday, August 17, 2009

Wife Rule #8 Revisit

It is always a good idea to take your wife to see movies that she is excited is a bad idea to be late for the movie, belittle the movie (and have her hear you or have her hear that you were belittling said movie), or try to drop your car off for repairs before said movie.

My wife is a trekker. She loves Star Trek and the movie that came out this summer was perhaps the most exciting event of the summer for her. Of course we had to go to the first show on the opening night of Star Trek and she wanted to arrive early to watch the other trekkers as well as the previews.

There were two problems, first we both had to work until right before the movie started, and second, we needed to bring my car in for repairs.

After we got off work we rushed to to car place to drop my car off, but I had forgotten to empty everything out of my car ahead of time. So we were standing in the Midas parking lot while I am frantically emptying me car while my wife is yelling at me and fretting that we will be late.

Finally, I shoved my book notes (see wife rule #85) into her backseat, and we took off for the movie. We arrived 10 minutes before the first preview and my wife got everything she wanted. The problem remained not because she did miss them but that she MIGHT have missed those things.

Oh and if your wife is excited about a movie, don't make fun of it. I made fun of it with her dad and she was rather put out.

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  1. ha I make fun of the movies that my b/f wants to see all the time. So, I guess it's pretty deserving when he does it back to me :)


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