Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wife Rule #117

Fantasy football is not the most important thing in the world.

I know it sounds like blasphemy but it is true. Your wife's feelings, goals, and needs are much more important. Be smart about fantasy football, schedule your work on your team around what your wife wants to do. And if there is something unavoidable like the draft that is on a fixed time, make sure that you do lots of great things for your wife.

I did. That is why when the Internet crapped out at our hotel, first she drove me around the city looking for free wifi, and then let me sit in the car in front of another hotel for an hour and a half so I could use their Internet to do my draft


  1. That's too funny!! My hubby plays online pimping games, so we have been in similar situations before....once we had to drive to another city to use a friends computer because we'd had an ice storm, lost power and stayed at hubbys parents who believe it or not.....still only have dial-up lol!!! It was very important to him because he had to crack bomb some pimps, steal thugs and discipline his girls haha! We wives try to understand. In the end he won a cash prize for coming in first place! All in all, it was worth it :))


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