Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wife Rule #103

Don't lock your dog in the bedroom while your wife is asleep inside.

My wife and I often go to bed at the same time. But most nights we will not go right to sleep. Sometimes, we will "Mike and Carol Brady it" (aka read in bed) or we might cuddle and watch a TV show on DVD (usually The Simpsons). When these or other activities are concluded I often will get back out of bed and go play video games or watch Sportcenter because I tend to work in the evening and so I like going to bed latter.

Generally, our dog loves to sleep on my side of the bed, and is content with cuddling up with my wife until I come in to bed. However, she likes to have to option to freely travel back and forth between my wife and I. If I absent mindedly close the door our wonderful puppy will wait about 20 minutes and then wake my wife up to let her out of the room. Needless to say this does not make my wife very happy and so it is best not to lock your dog in with your sleeping wife.

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