Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wife Rule #7 Revisit

If your wife asks you to tape the season finale of her favorite show, don't try to tape it on the same VCR that messed the tape up the night before...even if you thought you fixed it. Make sure you set a backup.

I am pretty good around the house at fixing electronic things. And I like to think that we have a respectable amount of electronics even though we still use VHS to tape TV shows. Well we had been watching a show on Wednesday nights and on one particular Wednesday we both had to work so I taped it. When we got off, we found that the VCR had reverted to daylight savings time while we were at work and so we had taped the news instead of our show and we noticed that the tape that we were using was starting to deteriorate.

So I fixed the VCR to the proper time and I fast forwarded the tape past the damaged section. Now confident that we would be able to tape my wife's favorite show then next night I set the timer and went to bed.

The next day seemed to go off without a hitch until we got home and the same thing had happened. I had missed taping the season finale! When my wife got home I confessed and she was mad that I did not set a backup. I admitted that I should have, and we did end up catching the season finale on so that made up for my blunder.

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