Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wife Rule #106

If your wife gets you a video game, play it...a lot.

This is a classic catch 22, your wife gets you a video game but you get tired of playing it or you have other games that you are more interested in at the moment. If you play the game you will resent the lost hours that could have been spent on the games that you are currently more interested in. If you do not play the game, your wife will be upset that you do not like her gift and will distance herself from your hobby. So what do you do.

You play the game your wife got you but only when she is arround. Yes it may be a little onerous at times to have to stop blasting your way through Gears of War II just because you wife is getting off of work in 10 minutes, but it will be worth your while. Once you beat the game you are free and clear, or you can accidently leave it at your parents house when you go to visit.

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