Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wife Rule #10 Revisit

If your wife makes you late for church don't get annoyed with her, just enjoy the attention that you will get when you walk in after the service has started. If you make you wife late for church...God help you.

I hate to be late. Particularly when going to church I hate to be late. The first week back at church after our wedding, I had planned to be early, but my wife would not get out of bed so we wound up getting to Sunday school about 10 minutes late and when we walked in we had to endure the subtle jokes about being newlyweds and being late.

My wife loved it. She loved the center of attention and she loved being recognize for being a beautiful bride. That joy turned into rewards for me later.

So enjoy the extra attention when your wife makes you late for church. Just keep in mind if she WANTS to be there on time and you make HER late, you will be "disciplined". ;-)

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