Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wife Rule #99

If you wife shows an interest in one of your hobbies, encourage her.

I am a gamer. My wife complains about this, but I think she secretly likes it because it means that she gets to read while I play my games. Today, we went out to dinner, (to celebrate 3 months of being married) then went to Borders for her to get some books, and finally we went to Best Buy to check some prices on some games.

As we pulled into the parking lot I told my wife that I was just running in to check a price and if she wanted to stay in the car I would not mind. She said she wanted to come in so that I would not buy anything, but also because she wanted to look at some games too. I was doubtful, but when we got in I encouraged her to check out any games that she thought she might be interested in.

We did not buy anything tonight, but by the time we left Best Buy my wife had a list of 4 games that she wanted and had encouraged me to get more games as well. I felt like I had struck oil, and it was all because I encouraged her to explore one of my hobbies

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  1. I love this rule. My hubby also plays video games while I read. He introduced me to one PS2 game and I started to kick his butt at it so he stopped playing with me. :)


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