Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wife Rule #104

Don't give you wife false hope about getting a house.

My wife and I have been considering buying or renting a house for some time. We have found several that we have loved. However, it is probably not the best time for us to buy right now so all of our preparation and excitement went for nothing. This disappointed my wife and I was urged not to get her all excited about a house again unless there was a good chance we could get it.

Then a possible rental house came around. It was owned by a friend of a friend, just at the top end of our price range, and it was beautiful. I told my wife about it and she got excited and we took pictures and were about to set up a time to meet with the owner, when we found out a couple things about the house that were deal breakers. My wife and I were both crushed and of course I got the brunt of my wife's displeasure since she had asked me not to get her excited about a house until it was a sure thing.

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