Friday, August 21, 2009

Wife Rule #12 Revisit

If you have the choice between cleaning the house and bringing your wife lunch at work the correct action is to do both.

I am only working part time right now, so I have time on my hands during the day to clean the house and look for work.

One day my wife called and said that she forgot her lunch at home and asked if I could bring it to her. On this particular day I had a big cleaning project in progress so I told her I was not sure that I could bring it. She said that it was ok she would just get something from the cafe at work but she was just looking forward to her lunch that she forgot.

Once she said that I got in the car and took her lunch over to her. She wass so happy. Then I came home and finished the cleaning. Needless to say when my wife got home she was tickled pink.

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