Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wife Rule #31 Revisit

Anticipation is the key to happiness.

This was actually a piece of advice from my dad during our engagement period. He sat me down and said that while I did a good job of responding to my wife's needs in the moment, that I would find myself less frustrated and more in control of the situation if I would take more time to anticipate my wife's needs.

I have to say he is right. When I wrote this post originally I had a wonderful anticipation day. I had done the laundry, I had done the dishes, I had made dinner, I had set the table, I had even fixed the covers on her side of the bed.

Whenever she asked me to do anything all night, it was already done. She was so impressed that I got to spend the evening asking her to do things while I gamed and blogged. It was a happy night.

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