Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wife Rule #38 Revisit

Yes I know she thinks that the Betty Crocker "Fudge Cake in a box" looks good, but convince her you will make her a real cake instead.

My wife has many skills and talents, but very few of them lay within the confines of the kitchen. But every once in a while the desire to be a "good wife" and cook for me overwhelms her. When this happens she will go to the store and get something to make.

One day when she was in one of these moods she asked me what I wanted, and I replied that I would like cake. So off to the store she went.

She came home with Betty Crocker "Fudge Cake in a Box".

And despite how good the picture on the box looked, it was terrible. Just awful.

So was born a new husband rule: real cake please

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