Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wife Rule #47 Revisit

If you are going to argue about something that you are both very passionate about, make sure you do not lose your head. Always know how far you can push the argument without hurting the other person.

I am not exactly sure what this argument was about, but I am fairly certain that it was about family stuff.

Loaded subject right?

There was a time that we would fight frequently about family issues that did not directly affect us but still was important.

My wife is very emotional, I am more very intellectual, so when it comes to fighting I have to be the one who has to stay in control of the situation so that things do not escalate to the point where one of us will say something that will seriously hurt the other.

It is a big responsibility, but at least one of you has to take responsibility for it. In our relationship, we both strive to. But when push comes to shove I have to swallow my anger and pride to make sure that neither of us gets hurt.

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