Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wife Rule #52 Revisit

Calling your wife a "slug" is never a good idea. If she has a preferable family term like "queen of the dinks" use that instead.

Getting my wife out of bed in the morning is like trying to pry apart something that has been glued with superglue.

So one morning when we were running late I said in exasperation: "Get out of bed, you are such a slug."

The covers flew off and she got out of bed and glared at me.

She went into the bathroom and started getting ready with out saying anything and blowing by my attempt to kiss her.

She was very quiet until we got into the car. Then she looked over at me and said "I am not a slug, I am the queen of the dinks".

Then I understood, she knew that she needed to get up and my pestering had just put her in a bad mood. Calling her a slug has just been the last straw.

She would have gotten up minimally grumpy had I called her queen of the dinks because that was what her parents called her.

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