Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wife Rule #53 Revisit

Sometimes doing everything wrong can lead to you doing something right, if you are doing all of the wrong things in jest and she knows that you are just kidding.

The day that I posted the blog was terrible. I could not as or do the right thing to save my life. Everything I said was poorly thought out or just unintentionally mean. And whenever I tried to do something to make it better each thing I tried just went badly as well.

I burnt dinner, I got the wrong drinks, I made the wrong food, I washed the wrong clothes, etc.

So I gave up.

And I started doing what I thought was the wrong things on purpose. Turns out that it was the best decision that I made all day. Partly because my wife knew I was having a rough day and partly because I started having fun with this bad day, my wife and I just cracked ourselves up all night.

What started out awful turned out wonderful. It is amazing what a little creativity and a good attitude can do.

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